Q: How do I work out which category to enter ?

Age category is calculated by the average age at the time of the event of the entire team.
Add your team members ages together at the time of the event ( August 11) and divide that total by the number of team members .

Age categories : (Female, Male, Mixed  apply to teams, Female, Male, apply to solo categories)   

3/4 person team - Combined team ages divided by number of team members
2 Person team - Combined team ages divided by two
Solo - Add your age up and divide it by one or times it by one we are quite flexible on which equation you use, or you can look at your drivers licence. 

Junior Average age 14- 17

Open Average age 19-29

Vet Average age 30-39

Master Average age 40-49

Grand master Average age 50-59

Super Master Average age 60 +

Q: Is there anywhere I can hire a Kayak for the event ?

A: Yes get in touch with Ben at Next Level Kayaking  

Q: I want to watch the event as a supporter/spectator is this ok ? 
A: Yes .....its great to see as many supporters as possible

Q: I am looking for another team member can the  team at winter challenge help ? 
A: Yes we have a team finder here 




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